悪縁斬祓 Exorcising evil

良縁結叶 Good marriage

立身出世 Make yourself ahead

厄災除 Avoidance of disaster

若返り Rejuvenation

心願成就 Realization of earnest wish

諸願成就 Realization of various wishes

その他 other


Aizuchi Shrine has a long history. It says “When Yasutsuna was forging a sword, a spirit came and forged it together. That is why this place began to be called Aizuchi Shrine(Ai = together, zuchi = forge).” (quoted by Shrine’s legend)

This shrine is a place that Yasutsuna and U kaminotama(the name of this shrine’s spirit) forged the National-Treasure swords, “Dojigiri- Yasutuna”, “Onikiri(Higekiri)” and “Hizamaru”. According to the history of the swords, for about a thousand years, Ukaminotama has protected the daily lives of Shinto-parishoners, and it has been believed by many people.

Also, the shrine has been maintained for a long time thanks to their strong faith.

北野天満宮 髭切 鬼切 Onikiri Higekiri
Onikiri(Higekiri) Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Collection

” Yamanoi”well, alias “Fujikii”well

It is said that the water of this well was used when a sword worker, Sanjo-Kokaji-Munechika, cut blade. This well is one of Yawata Gosui (five famous springs in Yawata). In the 9th year of Genroku(AC1696), Goto Shozaburo Yoshiharu(Director of the Edo Shogunate) had the well curb and the paving stones refurbished at his expense.

The well is filled with water, and has never dried up before. It is regularly cleaned by all the Shinto-parishoners there.

山ノ井戸 Yamanoi 相槌神社
山ノ井戸 Yamanoi


Amulets are available at the monthly festival.

It is said that the sword itself has the power to avoid imminent disasters. The power of this shrine’s spirit and the sword will protect you.


Please offer one in the place where family members gather or on the kamidana(household alter).



Please place one in the entrance hall or in your room.​​



Please carry one.


Omamori(Amulet)  Price:300yen

「Musubikanau」Omamori(“Musubikanau” Amulet)


「Musubikanau」Omamori Price:300yen

「Zan」Omamori(“Zan” Amulet)

This shrine spirit is watching as you are doing a lot of efforts. However, in modern times, you have some unavoidable events caused by misfortune, disaster, or trouble.

You will be able to slash and overcome your problems with the power of this shrine spirit and the sword.


「Zan」Omamori Price:300yen

Amulet case

Inside, I will give you your name and write it on the back of the trump card of Omura Shrine and your defense notes. Also, when you give, I will use a bell to purify.

Price: 800 yen

Price: 800 yen

It is a amulet-case that embroidered “斬”.



Votive picture tablet

Please offer the votive picture tablet to the shrine.Take back the butterfly”mizuhiki” and keep it at all times.

Price: 300yen


Monthly festival

The first day and the 15th day of every month from 9:30 to around 12 o’clock

I will present an amulet, a red seal.


From Kyoto direction

Take Kintetsu Kyoto line at “Kyoto” station. Change to Keihan-Honsen line at “Tamba-Bashi” station and get off at “Yawata-shi” station.


Take JR Nara line at “Kyoto” station. Cange to Keihan-Honsen line and get off at “Yawata-shi” station.

From Osaka direction

Take Osaka Metro Midosuji line at “Osaka” station. Cange to Keihan-Honsen line at “Yodoyabashi” station and get off at “Yawata-shi” station.


Take JR Osaka-Kanjosen line at “Osaka” station. Cange to Keihan-Honsen line at “Kyobashi” station and get off at “Yawata-shi” station.

600 meters from “Yawata-shi” station Keihan-Honsen line.(8 minutes on foot)

Postal Code 614-8091
Yawata Byodani 10, Yawata City, Kyoto

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